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Microsoft releases service MSN editors and replace their artificial intelligence

The future of sci-fi movies came today. Microsoft has just unveiled the most powerful supercomputer designed for the development of artificial intelligence technologies, and has already started to use its features in practice.

The Redmond giant released just a few dozen international team of editors working every day on the popular MSN. The duties of workers were searching, editing and publishing information materials for publication on the site. Now they will take over the functions of the technology of artificial intelligence, which has long been developed by a team of engineers from Microsoft and OpenAI.

The US company has recently initiated a project to create a successor to the historical man. It’s here the construction of an artificial brain, which will be powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies. Microsoft eventually will invest in the project more than one billion US dollars. Artificial brain has to have a similar or even much bigger than our abilities, human.

Engineers want to focus on the use of SI for the purpose of understanding human language, and what is associated with it, fast and accurate translations of texts in different languages, eg. Instant messaging, creating information by artificial intelligence, based on the content available on the Internet, and detection of false news.

OpenAI recently presented the fruit of many years of his work. It is the algorithm that can replace journalists writing short messages. It develops them on the basis of content available in the global network. Quickly it finds, analyzes, compares and finally can submit them as a message of good quality, it’s hard for her to distinguish the one written by a human editor.

Microsoft uses the power of its latest supercomputer. The machine is connected to the Azure cloud, can boast having up to 285,000 CPU cores and 10,000 GPU cores. Supercomputer modules are connected by a network with a capacity of 400 Gbit / s LINKNETWORK. Giant already beginning to exploit the amazing capabilities of artificial intelligence, which develops together with the famous OpenAI project, so we can expect that in the near future by going to the information portals will read messages written by an artificial brain Microsoft.


Samsung launches the “Rotary” TV for fans of smartphones

If you ever dreamed of watching TV on a giant smartphone, then you will surely appeal to the Korean giant’s new proposal, namely TV mysterious name Sero premium links.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung unveiled its innovative television in April of last year, but as you can see its premiere it took a lot of time. And all in all it’s no wonder, because the device is different from its competitors in several aspects – but primarily target audience, which in this case is a young lover of smartphones. All through unusual for TVs (a well-known monitors for professionals) piwotu, the possibility of setting the display in portrait mode.

Thanks to this operation resembles a huge TV Sero smartphone, where you can watch all the materials recorded using the phone in such an orientation, ie. Instagram Stories TikToka video content snapchat or many others. According to Samsung such a position is also ideal for viewing photos, visit shopping websites on which comments are at the bottom or general web browsing. What is worth noting, everything can be done from our smartphone, because the TV is simply copying the contents.

In order to simplify this process, holders of smartphones Galaxy and other compatible devices will not even need to install any application, simply touch smartphone near the frame of the TV, and Sero independently rotated to portrait mode and begins to work (interestingly, Sero will support even the iPhone ‘ s Apple, although their owners will have to spend marketing through voice command or remote control and use AirPlay 2).

Regarding the technical side, it Sero is a 43-inch TV equipped with a so-called layer. quantum dots (QLED), which displays the image in 4K resolution. What’s more, we can count on the basis of built-in speakers 60, in portrait mode, and 4.1 audio microphone for Bixby assistant and voice commands. As you might guess, it will not be cheap, but a toy, because as all the news appearing on the market is fraught with so-called. tax news, so eager they must prepare for the expense of about $ 2,000. Unfortunately, in the near future should not expect Polish premiere, but you can always save the import.


Global sales of smartphones with a record decline. It will be even worse

Is mobile device manufacturers will be able to get us on the exchange smartphone when you still have to deal with the effects of a global pandemic coronavirus? Certainly they will try.

Especially as it was announced Anshul Gupta, senior research analyst at Gartner, global sales of smartphones in the first quarter of this year, the biggest drop in history. And we are talking about more than 20% decrease compared to the same period of the previous year, which is obviously the result of a pandemic coronavirus, which made the exchange a new smartphone moved for most of us in the distance.

Not only for psychological reasons, but also economic, because when we are not sure whether a month or two we will continue to have a job, it will automatically cut all extra-curricular expenses. According to analyst said: – Pandemic coronavirus caused the global smartphone market experienced the worst drop in its history. Most of the leading Chinese manufacturers and Apple has been heavily affected by the temporary closure of their factories in China and reduced consumer spending due to the need to remain in their homes SmartUser.

As can be seen in the Gartner data, four of the five largest manufacturers of smartphones in the world in the first quarter recorded a decline in sales, and this is the one exception Xiaomi, which can boast a surprising increase of 1.4%. The first statement in the Samsung had to be reconciled with the 22.7% decline, but experts estimate the situation for him could end up even worse if not for its limited availability in China and place the plant outside the Middle Kingdom.

The results look even worse Huawei, which recorded a decline of 27.3% relative to the first quarter of last year, a decrease of 58.4 million smartphones supplied to only 42.5 million units. And if you combine this with the problems of concern to the prohibition of trade with US companies, including Google, which results in a lack of application of the latter in the new Huawei devices, the company is faced with a really difficult time. Is this a raise? Probably yes, but certainly it will take many months, if not years. The first five are complemented by Apple that 8.1% abraded is not as painful as the OPPO and others who reprimanded as much as the rest of the giants, or 19.1% grated.


Ancient DNA helps solve the mystery of manuscripts from the bottom of the Dead Sea

It seems that scientists are getting closer to a thorough examination and knowledge of mysterious manuscripts, which for years they spend awake at night.

We remind you that the manuscripts from the Dead Sea, also known as the Qumran manuscripts, the Dead Sea scrolls, manuscripts, the Dead Sea and the Dead Sea manuscripts, a collection of documents written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, found in the years 1947-1956 in 11 caves near the ruins of Qumran in the West Bank. It is estimated that they were hidden there in the first century of our era (dating to the period from the third century BC to first century AD), to protect them from the Romans, when they invaded and destroyed the settlement of Qumran during the Jewish War (66-73 AD).

This combination of religious texts quickly became an international sensation, which unfortunately led to the destruction of some of them, even by cutting into pieces and sell as local souvenirs. Interested in them as scientists, because as it turned out records of more than 2,000 years have been preserved in excellent condition, so their authors had to use some interesting technique maintenance, which could prove useful even today, to protect these and other discoveries, greatly extending their life. Fortunately, a team of researchers from MIT efficiently dealt with that, but when it comes to manuscripts themselves, it is still only the beginning of the mystery.

As already mentioned, a large part of the collection has been cut into pieces, and some already in the form of fragments was found, so researchers are looking for methods to be put together into a logical whole and help historians and archaeologists to decipher the mysterious records. Therefore, the attempt to create the so-called. genome records. According to Oded Rechavi from Tel Avi University, there are two main problems: – First, most of them were found disintegrated into thousands of small pieces that need to be sorted and folded together, without the knowledge of how many parts are missing or what text should present. And depending on how to classify, interpretation of the text can differ drastically.

The second problem is the trafficking manuscripts mentioned (which is already blended so that we do not know exactly the place from which they come), which for years lived to see too many fakes, so now it is also necessary to separate them from the original. The researchers came up with the idea, however, that since the manuscripts created in animal skins, then you can try to identify them after DNA animals techstream. This will not only attributable to specific parts of a whole, but more or less determine the place of formation of the text, which has been proven in tests on 26 fragments of scrolls, which had come from the same Book of Jeremiah.

Meanwhile, it turned out that some of them written on a sheep, cow and part of the skin, and that the latter can not be grown on more arid areas of the Judean Desert, some manuscripts must come from other areas. Nay, it means that at the same time in circulation were different versions of the holy books, which still makes it difficult task, but researchers have at least a starting point and a new way of sorting fragments found. Surely this will speed up the work, and not only them but also other centers, which for many years trying to piece together the many other ancient manuscripts.


Fraud kryptowalutowe already reached the level of this year more than a billion dollars

It seems that hackers and cybercriminals were very active during the pandemic coronavirus, hoping for a big “earnings” from people who are forced to stay at home and make greater use of the network.

Recent studies on the transaction bitcoinowych reveal that as many as 74% of them are exchanges performed internationally as well shows that the industry requires better regulation and control, and what’s more, we learn that fraud associated with them have a great and a lot of points to that they go to the record year. According to the latest report Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering developed by cyber security company dedicated to CipherTrace, fraudsters succeeded in just the first 5 months of 2020 years to steal, because otherwise you can not call it, approx. $ 1.4 billion.

This news comes to us a few weeks after the last halvingu Bitcoin (cyclic process, which falls every 4 years is to reduce by half the number of coins produced by the network, which keeps the number of coins in the network at a certain level), which is the subject of most stolen kryptowaluty because, as we know from previous years, the value of the currency after each surgery is growing, and this isolation associated with the pandemic has created ideal conditions for criminals. Also, to avoid detection and punishment, because all the government efforts were directed to curb the socio-economic impact of the pandemic.

CipherTrace indicates that the lion’s share of that amount into the hands of criminals through the Chinese financial pyramid WoToken, because in her case wyłudzono 750,000 investors from over a billion dollars, promising them unrealistic vision of huge profits from software that does not even exist. This left interest flourished in the best from July 2018 to October 2019 years and although now responsible for his people stood before the court, as usual in the case of cryptocurrency happens, will serve their (maximum can get 11 years), and the money could never be recovered .

Cybercriminals also earned their scams scam type exit (the company ceases to send orders and receive payments at the same time as new) as the EOS Ecosystem FCoin or insolvency, which generated 180 million US dollars Premium art. For comparison, in the whole of last year, associated with the criminals kryptowalutami stole a total of $ 4.5 billion, but as noted CyperTrace, are getting better at avoiding the transfer of money and money laundering detection systems, which means that this year we may be witnessing the disgraceful record . Especially since most of the institutions involved in security for a long time will be focused on coronavirus pandemic and its effects.


Thousands face people who do not exist. Be generated by the AI ​​[VIDEO]

The power of artificial intelligence increasingly impresses and frightens at the same time. The latest achievement of machine learning is to create realistic faces of people who never existed and will not exist in reality.

The creators of the site icons8 and make available to users of the global network of the new feature. It is driven by artificial intelligence technology to create images of people who do not exist, so one does not claim intellectual property rights to them. Thanks to graphic editors, and services are free to use the images for personal use, including commercial.

The creators of the site, however, went a step further and made possible its loyal users even create fictional images. This process has been greatly simplified. Just specify age, gender, skin color and mood, and artificial intelligence itself will create for us a few suggestions face. The possibility of AI service delight tech upgrade. But it is not everything. The algorithm can also generate fictitious face for us only on the basis of the sketch.

The originators of praise that generated by algorithms faces are characterized by non-existent so photo-realistic quality that it’s hard to distinguish them from real images. In fact, this technology is in its infancy, so it’s scary to think how it will look in a few years, especially when it DeepFake enrich, or face the possibility of substitution of the existing people in this fictional. We are talking here not only about the pictures, but also about the movies, and in the quality of 4K

Recently, the future creation of fictional characters showed Samsung. Koreans have developed a system called Core dubbed R3 and neon Artificial Human. Behind them the technology, which is based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, and its attribute is the ability to create photo-realistic digital characters, and their entire environment, driven by the enlarged reality.

Project to ultimately be used to create a virtual human form of film, television presenter or any person who may appear in any medium, including television, video sites, games or movies. NEON technology is the successor DeepFake. Falsification of true reality or fictional generation will now amounted only to face another substitution. NEON will generate a very real-looking virtual character and all its surroundings.

The idea of ​​creating artificial people with the help of AI and change them in the TV presenters, intends to use the television, the Chinese Xinhua. It recently unveiled a fictitious figure of a woman and a man, who announced the most important news from the world in a variety of languages. We can be sure that it is precisely in this direction will develop Internet media.


Starts mass production technology hidden camera displays the [MOVIE]

Information about implementing this technology appeared some time ago, but so far none of the companies officially unveiled the smartphone is not with such an innovative solution. This has to change later this year.

We know that the technology works over Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo, that we’re talking about Chinese manufacturers of smartphones. And all the signs in heaven and earth indicate that it is the mobile devices of the Middle Kingdom as the world’s first will be equipped with this technology.

This will happen through Visionox company, which specializes in the production of the latest generation of displays. It turns out that just started the mass production of screens equipped with a webcam hidden under a sheet of glass. Engineers finally managed to overcome the technical problems in the implementation of such a solution.

Recently, there were reports that it obtained a higher transparency in the area of ​​the display apparatus and also developed a special algorithm that minimizes the effect of haze, glare and diffraction occurring due to concealing the camera under the display.

Why do so many people are interested in this type of solution? For many reasons MobileTech. It not without significance is the fact that users of this smartphone will be able to count on a truly nonframes design without annoying notchów, and less stress associated with damage from the housing retractable webcam.

Unfortunately, in addition to the advantages there are also disadvantages. The most important of them is the lack of obstruction webcam if, for example. We do not use it or worried about it, that someone can spy on us. Well, something for something. According to the information circulating on the network, we can conclude that the first smartphone with such technology can present Xiaomi and it will be the newest member of Mi MiX series, which has always characterized the innovations in terms of hiding cameras.


There will be a new human rights that protect us from hacking brains

We now need to create the appropriate law that will protect us from hacking brains. If you do not we make in this regard any steps, our future will be a nightmare well known to us from sci-fi movies.

People every day working in the world of cutting-edge technologies, such as, for example. Elon Musk (SpaceX and Tesla), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bill Gates or CEOs of Microsoft, Google and other giants of technology, the future development of man see the combination of our brains with computers.

In this way, you will be our next evolutionary leap, so that each of us will have amazing ability, so far reserved for supercomputers and robots. If you do not connect to computers, our species will disappear from the face of the Earth. The latest technology of artificial intelligence will simply evolve themselves, recognize us as a threat to them and Mother Nature, and finally make a decision about our elimination.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg some time working on interfaces that connect us with computers. This vision, however, raises a lot of ethical problems gamesartmovies. If electronic devices are connected to our brains and will exchange with a global network of sky-high amount of information is at the same time you need to take care of the creation of laws that we will be protected by what we all fear, hacking our brains to steal valuable information emerging in our minds.

Such technology will change because our brains in supercomputers, which after all are constantly vulnerable to viruses or cybercriminals. Apprehensive are two ethicists, Marcello and Roberto Andorno ience. In the journal Life Sciences, Society and Policy, they pay attention to the fact that rights of our privacy, which soon will be the target of condensed attacks.

They are afraid that cybercriminals will not only have free access to our memories and thoughts, but also will be able to manipulate them, introducing his vision of reality. If you met someone thought processes that are occurring in our heads, it’s nothing stands in his way to tell us that our decisions are ours, not someone else’s. It is a paradise for advertisers and corporations.

Ience and Andorno want to created new human rights which will govern these issues. In the following decades, the development of neurotechnologies necessity will be the emergence of the right to mental integrity, privacy, mental or cognitive freedom.

“The skull should be regarded as the domain of absolute privacy. No one should be able to explore the mind of a person against her will. We should not allow this with a court order. We should not allow for military or national security. We should definitely opt out of the use of such technology under duress, even in circumstances that could serve the public good “- said Paul Root Wolpe.

Now this may sound like us quotes from science-fiction movies, but the world is changing at a rapid pace, so you have to react well in advance. Of course, the new human rights will not be respected by cyber criminals in the same way as now, they are not respected, because apart from the law, scientists will have to rethink security brain-computer interfaces, as now it is done in the case of our computers or smartphones.


Discovered neurons responsible for hibernation. Help people traveling to Mars

Hibernate is one of the methods that can be beneficial to ensure safe travel first colonizers of Mars. Recent studies show that soon it will be in our reach.

Two research teams from the University of Tsukuba and Harvard Medical School published the results of their research on the effect of obtaining hibernation in rats. Researchers discovered neurons in the brains of rodents Q responsible for the long-term lowering of body temperature and metabolism Although research related to small mammals, not the people, but we must remember that we have a very similar structure to the brain of rats, so that the effect in our case should be almost identical. At least, so say scientists.

In the course of the experiments, rats were placed in hibernation by stimulation of neurons Q rodents decreased body temperature and metabolism. Most importantly, when returning to normal operation, in rats did not show any side effects of synthetic form of the condition, namely not detected the damage to the brain and other organs.

The researchers also identified the brain cells responsible for the state of rest. Their artificial stimulation is to produce the effect of sedation and lowering the efficiency of body. NASA experts believe that the new discovery on Hibernate, will be beneficial in the long journeys to foreign objects travel across the solar system.

Some time ago we learned that the Americans and the Russians are working on special capsules hibernacyjnymi and preparations that will make colonizers in a controlled coma, not only during travel, but also the emergence of unexpected situations already on the surface of the moon or Mars.

People are not adapted biologically to implement such challenges, so we’ll have to take advantage of the futuristic technologies, such as artificial production of hibernation and make genetic modifications to take care not only about the physical and mental health colonizers, but also allow them to normal functioning in the extreme environment.

Research has shown that the functioning of even the most hardened of people in small groups and so far from home, sooner or later will have a disastrous effect on their psyche. This fact sleepless nights scientists. Such problems can thwart any plans of colonization and settlement of our dreams of alien worlds. The company SpaceX intends to send the first humans on Mars already in 2025. Until then, we must master various methods of controlling the physical and mental activity of people, to provide them with the best possible comfort in the implementation of such historical and at the same time breakneck projects.